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It is suitable where precise filtration is needed in grinding & buffing process.
Filtration percision needed in processing is 5~70㎛
(should be careful in selecting filter paper.)
Improved the chain conveyor which is the way of existing paper conveying system.
Over flow is not occurred when coolant is supplied.
Paper filter can be exchanged beforehand by detecting the consumption limit of the paper filter.

 Structure (Technique Abstract)
Paper filter is placed on the wire mesh belt and coolant falls on the filter. Then by the gravity filtration is operated.
Filtered coolant is supplied to machine by pump.
Transfer of paper filter is carried out by the Float Switch on the filter. (when new filter is transferred, the coolant level is lowered and transfer of paper filter is stopped. )

Sludge (chip) is piled up on the filter and discharged to the chip box.

Heavy grinding, buffing, washing, ceramic processing, grindings of other non ferrous metal materials.